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Rustam Ramji

Chief Executive Officer  |  770-392-1662 x101  |   [email protected]

After moving to Atlanta from Vancouver in 1981, Rustam Ramji began his career in the franchise industry by purchasing his first Blimpie in 1986. Over the next 5 years, Mr. Ramji developed 15 Blimpies, including several in prominent locations throughout Atlanta. Mr. Ramji served on the franchise committee for advertising for Blimpie before transitioning to the retail gasoline station market in 1991.

During the next 12 years, Mr. Ramji bought and sold over 50 gasoline stations and served on the Chevron dealer council. When serving a three year term as a community leader between 1993 and 1996, he was a founding member of Atlanta Retailers Association in 1995, a community-based association of convenience stores in Georgia, which has grown to include over 1,200 convenience stores as members.

In 2003, as a result of the growth of Mr. Ramji’s retail gas station companies, NLP became a Chevron marketer and has since added Texaco, Shell, Citgo, Exxon, Mobil, 76 and Valero as brands and currently supplies over 200 stations in Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma. NLP also has an internal construction company that focuses on building state of the art, ground-up stations and has developed 40 of these sites over its history. Altogether, Mr. Ramji has developed approximately 150 gasoline stations over his 25 year career in the industry, including his time as a retail location owner and with NLP.

Mr. Ramji has been extremely active in other portions of the real estate industry, including investments in office buildings, residential complexes, day care centers and townhomes. Furthermore, he has formed a separate credit and finance company to fill in gaps while buying and selling gasoline stations and to help NLP’s customers and dealers with restructuring traditional debt, which is still active today.

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Aleem Ramji

President and General Counsel  |  770-392-1662 x105  |   [email protected]

Aleem Ramji is NLP’s internal general counsel managing its day-to-day and extraordinary legal needs, in addition to managing substantial operational portions of NLP’s business.

Mr. Ramji was born and raised in Atlanta, graduating from The Westminster Schools in 2003. After that, he earned a degree from Duke University in Political Science and History in 2007 and earned a JD from Columbia University in 2010.

Upon his return to Atlanta in 2011, Mr. Ramji was a corporate associate in the private equity and venture capital group at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP in Buckhead for three years. During this time, he managed and helped close numerous large-scale M&A transactions with REITs, private equity firms, venture capital firms and public companies ranging from $10M to $7 billion in value. He also worked with growing and start-up companies across their various business needs, including debt financing, outside capital and investment, customer and supplier negotiations and management team strategy and brings that expertise to NLP’s team.

Mr. Ramji is active in the community and is a member of the leadership team for UNICEF NextGen, which is a diverse group of young professionals committed to UNICEF’s broader cause on behalf of children around the world. Mr. Ramji has been involved with UNICEF NextGen since its formation in Atlanta in 2015 and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Atlanta Steering Committee and Chair of the Atlanta Governance Committee.

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Imran Ramji

Chief Operating Officer  |  770-392-1662 x102  |   [email protected]

Imran Ramji was born and raised in Atlanta and graduated from The Westminster Schools in 2005. Mr. Ramji went on to earn a degree in Economics with a minor in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2009.

After college, Mr. Ramji spent a year in the financial services industry, joining NLP in 2010 to head the compliance division. Since that time, he has also taken over supervision of NLP’s branding, compliance, construction divisions and co-directs NLP’s consignment division – comprising his portfolio as NLP’s Chief Operating Officer.

As part of these duties, Mr. Ramji manages the conversion and onboarding of any new site to NLP’s brands, in addition to ensuring that each site maintains the highest possible imaging standards once that site is supplied by NLP. In connection with these activities, he oversees our team of field representatives, consignment representatives and maintenance personnel.

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Hussein Jiwani

Business Development  |  770-392-1662 x117  |   [email protected]

Hussein Jiwani joined Next Level Petroleum in 2015 in the branding and compliance department and moved over to business development in 2019. Mr. Jiwani is also a realtor at Coldwell Banker, where he has acquired over 20 years experience in sales for both residential and commercial properties. His advisory approach offers clients strategic guidance with a heavy focus on customer satisfaction.

Previously, Mr. Jiwani had experience in the gas station industry as an owner-operator. He moved to Atlanta in 1987 from Vancouver, Canada and currently resides in Buckhead.

Mr. Jiwani holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University. He is fluent in English, several Asian-Indian languages, and conversational French. He is an active member of the Ismaili Community and currently serves in their organizations.

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Amaan Panjwani

Senior Representative, Conversion Department  |  770-392-1662 x113  |   [email protected]

Amaan Panjwani joined Next Level Petroleum in 2016 in the branding and compliance department. Mr. Panjwani’s primary responsibilities include imaging and branding new sites according to the relevant oil company guidelines, managing any petroleum upgrades and installations during site conversions and helping customers maintain imaging standards to assist in the growth and business of NLP’s customers.

Mr. Panjwani grew up in Atlanta and attended Georgia State University. Prior to joining NLP, Mr. Panjwani worked for a wholesale distribution company, which focused on supplying gas stations and convenience stores in the Atlanta area. Mr. Panjwani also has experience in the banking industry, where many customers owned and operated gas stations. Due to this work history, Mr. Panjwani has an intimate knowledge of the gas station industry.

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Murad Huda

Senior Representative, Compliance Department  |  770-392-1662 x114  |   [email protected]

Murad Huda joined Next Level Petroleum in 2018 in the compliance department. Mr. Huda’s primary responsibilities include overseeing NLP’s compliance activities to ensure that all our customers meet the highest imaging standards of each of our suppliers. These activities include ensuring that NLP’s customers are aware of and fully utilize the programs, promotions and requirements of each oil company.

Prior to Mr. Huda moving to the United States in 2001, he worked in human resources for Asia’s largest university hospital. He has also been involved in operations for several convenience stores, restaurants and a telecommunications company service. Mr. Huda holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Karachi and in Organizational Leadership from Brenau University.

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Asad Lakhani

Senior Representative, Commission Marketing Department  |  770-392-1662 x115  |   [email protected]

Asad Lakhani joined Next Level Petroleum in 2019 in the consignment department. Mr. Lakhani’s primary responsibilities include managing NLP consignment stores to ensure they achieve their monthly volume targets. These responsibilities include monitoring inventory and deliveries and assisting consignment customers on day-to-day issues and larger strategic initiatives. His goal is to maximize the potential of each store and increase their overall business and volume using business intelligence and analyzing market trends. Mr. Lakhani is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship with a results-oriented view of the industry.

Mr. Lakhani was raised in Atlanta, attended Georgia State University and currently holds a B.B.A. in Managerial Science. He was previously an award-winning manager with eight years of experience at flagship retail stores owned by AT&T.

He is fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu.

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Golam Sattar

Accountant, Wholesale Department  |  770-392-1662 x106  |   [email protected]

Golam Sattar joined Next Level Petroleum in 2018 in the accounting department. Mr. Sattar’s primary responsibilities include accounts receivable, accounts payable and other matters related to the billing of NLP’s wholesale customers.

Mr. Sattar lives in Lawrenceville and graduated from Brenau University with a degree in Managerial Accounting. Prior to joining NLP, Mr. Sattar worked in the accounting department of a dental office.

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